April 3, 2023: Edited Volume “The Siberian World” With Chapter by Olga Povoroznyuk & Peter Schweitzer

The chapter “What difference does a railroad make?” by Olga Povoroznyuk and Peter Schweitzer is focusing on the impact of the construction of Baikal-Amur Mainline in Easter Siberia in 1970s-1980s, with a special attention to the role of the cities of Tynda and Severobaikalsk founded along the BAM at that time. In their paper authors are also addressing the impact of the railroad on the local indigenous communities. 

The volume The Siberian World is a collection of insightful papers, based on various ethnographic studies dealing with a variety of topics such as indigenous rights and the impact of climate change.

Ziker, J.P., Ferguson, J., & Davydov, V. (Eds.). (2023). The Siberian World. Routledge.

Olga Povoroznyuk and Peter Schweitzer published a paper based on their fieldwork in Northern Siberia in 2019

The Paper „Ignoring environmental change? On fishing quotas and collapsing coastlines in Bykovskiy, Northern Sakha (Yakutiya)“ written by InfraNorth team members Olga Povoroznyuk and Peter Schweitzer was published by Ambio, a journal of environment and society issued by the Royal Swedish academy of Sciences. The paper is discussing the impact of climate change on the […]

June 7-10, 2023: Paper at SIEF2023

Philipp Budka will give a paper at the 16th Congress of the International Society for Ethnology and Folklore (SIEF2023) in Brno, Czech Republic. In his paper for the panel “Contested futures? Sustainability conflicts and local practices in the age of global uncertainty”, he explores how tourism and transport infrastructures are entangled in the town of […]

May 22, 2023: InfraNorth Workshop “Ethnographies of Infrastructure”

After a decade of rising popularity of treating infrastructure anthropologically, the time seems ripe to look at how we have been studying infrastructure. This workshop intends to address three critical questions in that respect: 1) What are the theoretical and methodological tools anthropology brings to the table when studying infrastructure? 2) How can the traditional […]

March 30, 2023: Discussion “Infrastructure, Remoteness & People”

The Alfred Ehrhardt Stiftung will host a panel discussion with Peter Schweitzer & Gregor Sailer on “Infrastructure, Remoteness and People”. The discussion will be part of Gregor Saeiler’s photo exhibition “The Polar Silk Road”. Peter Schweitzer & Gregor Sailer will discuss the entanglements of geopolitics, economy, infrastructure, and humans in the polar areas. The discussion […]