June 14-15, 2022: Arctic Infrastructures: Histories of Exploration, Colonization and Industrial Development

The Arctic, which often has been recognized by residents of temperate climate zones for its supposed unspoiled nature, has a long history of colonization, urbanization and industrial exploitation. From the days of Arctic whaling to gold rushes and oil booms, the Arctic has a rich legacy of built environment serving as infrastructure mainly for non-arctic resource exploitation and domination. While the ERC project InfraNorth is focused on transport infrastructures, this workshop takes a broader view and explores infrastructures from mining to hydropower to military. It will bring together a number of academic experts working in different parts of the Arctic and aims at exploring the developments that led to the contemporary entanglements between local communities and infrastructures. The workshop will take place in a hybrid format – on-site at the Luleå University of Technology and on-line. To participate online, please register here: Zoom registration

Flyer Workshop

June 6, 2022: The online survey of the ERC project InfraNorth has been launched!

This survey focuses on the role of transport infrastructures in Arctic and sub-Arctic communities. It is anonymous, consists of seven (7) questions, and takes about 10 minutes to complete.The survey is available at https://sosci.univie.ac.at/InfraNorthQuestionnaire/All residents in Northern communities aged 18 years or more are invited to participate in the survey!

CfPs at InfraNorth events at VANDA 2022

ERC project “InfraNorth” (“Building Arctic Futures: Transport Infrastructure and Sustainable Northern Communities”) https://www.infranorth.eu/ will hold two events at the conference Vienna Anthropology Days taking place in Vienna on September 26-30, 2022. Please, feel free to submit your papers to the panel “Infrastructure and the Built Environment in the Anthropocene” and your expressions of interest to […]

March 26, 2022: Workshop on Arctic infrastructure and climate change

The community workshop on Arctic infrastructure and climate change “RATIC meets T-MOSAiC”, co-organized by Skip Walker, Peter Schweitzer and Olga Povoroznyuk at the Arctic Science Summit Week, from 14:00 – 18:00 CEST in Tromsø, Norway and online: https://www.assw.info/sessions/ratic-meets-t-mosaic Meeting Announcement PDF Please, join us – online participation is free!