March 22, 2022: Webinar with Peter Schweitzer “Crossroads, Ice Curtain & Chokepoint: Bering Strait Over Time”

Webinar with Peter Schweitzer

The Bering Strait, the body of water that both separates and binds together the USA and the Russian Federation, has been an area of heightened world historical significance ever since it formed a land bridge between Northeast Asia and Northwest North America at the end of the last Ice Age that enabled the peopling of the Americas. Despite these deep historical connections, the talk will focus on the region’s more recent history since the late 19th century. This history has been characterized by indigenous cultural contacts, imperial ambitions, resource extraction, as well as infrastructural projects and plans. The story of these entanglements will be told along the lines of several research projects led by the speaker and spanning the last 30 years, ranging from “Traveling Between Continents” to “Moved by the State” to “Building Arctic Futures (InfraNorth)”. The latter, a recently commenced ERC project, focuses on the nexus between transport infrastructures and the well-being of Arctic communities. The Bering Strait is a chokepoint for Arctic maritime traffic between the Atlantic and the Pacific, no matter whether transportation is routed via the Northern Sea Route or the Northwest Passage. While the geopolitical and strategic significance of the Bering Strait has been great throughout the 20th century, the invasion of the Ukraine will undoubtedly lead to making the 80 kilometres separating Russia from its eastern neighbour into even more volatile waters. Notwithstanding these global dimensions, the talk will be anthropological in nature and focus on the local scale.

March 22, 14:00 (13:00 CEST)

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Logo of the EASA 2024 Conference in Barcelona

Jul 23, 2024: InfraNorth at EASA 2024 Conference in Barcelona

InfraNorth team members will participate in the 18th EASA Biennial Conference in Barcelona. With the theme “Doing and Undoing with Anthropology,” the event will take place at the University of Barcelona (July 23 – 26, 2024). On Tuesday, July 23, Katrin Schmid will present her paper “Devolution of Desires, or How Food and Transportation Determine […]

Announcement of the InfraNorth Workshop “Ethnography Beyond the Case Study: Possibilities and Limitations of Comparison”

Sep 10, 2024: InfraNorth Workshop “Ethnography Beyond the Case Study: Possibilities and Limitations of Comparison”

Date and time: September 10, 2024, from 09:30 to 18:00 CEST. Venue: Nordregio. Holmamiralens Väg 10, Skeppsholmen, 111 49 Stockholm, Sweden (See: Map). Register here for in-person attendance. Register here for online participation. The ERC Advanced Grant project InfraNorth, in collaboration with Nordregio, will host the workshop “Ethnography Beyond the Case Study: Possibilities and Limitations […]

Amazon hub in Iqaluit, Nunavut. Photo by Katrin Schmid (2023).

Jun 20, 2024: Polar Journal Features Research by Katrin Schmid

Polar Journal, an online information platform on polar affairs, recently published an article titled “Nunavut communities in petition to regain access to vital Amazon deliveries.” The piece, written by Ole Ellekrog, features insights from Katrin Schmid’s research in Nunavut, as well as her recent blog post “Amazon in the Arctic.” Drawing on conversations that the […]

Olga Povoroznyuk receives the sowi:doc 2023 Award by the Vienna Doctoral School of Social Sciences. © Barbara Mair / Vienna Doctoral School of Social Sciences

Jun 13, 2024: Talk by Olga Povoroznyuk at the sowi:doc Awards Ceremony

“We build a railroad and the railroad builds us.” This idea gave title to Olga Povoroznyuk’s talk at the sowi:doc 2023 Awards ceremony of the Vienna Doctoral School of Social Sciences (ViDSS). Dr. Povoroznyuk, one of this year’s award winners, talked about her dissertation “Soviet infrastructure in the post-Soviet era? Building a railroad and identity […]

Peter Schweitzer receives the IASSA Award 2024.

Jun 1, 2024: Peter Schweitzer Receives IASSA Award 2024

The International Arctic Social Sciences Association (IASSA) has granted Peter Schweitzer an Honorary Lifetime Membership Award in recognition of his sustained and significant contribution to Arctic social sciences. The award ceremony took place on June 1, 2024, during the 11th International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences (ICASS XI) and as part of the Arctic Congress […]

Logo of the High North News.

May 31, 2024: The High North News Features Research by Ria-Maria Adams

The High North News, an independent newspaper published by the High North Center, recently highlighted InfraNorth researcher Ria-Maria Adams’ presentation at the Stormen Concert Hall during the Arctic Congress 2024 Bodø. Her presentation “Entanglements of Arctic Tourism Infrastructures: Imaginaries & Temporality” explored how “imaginary infrastructures” (featuring the elusive aurora hunting and the promotion of imaginary […]